Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Crazy life.

So, I've been extremely busy with this thing called life and once again I've let blogging slide to the floor. I hate it - I miss my people- okay I really just miss posting funny things I find online and sharing what new things I've bought. Well, I've bought a lot recently. We went to Jamica in January and that was supposed to be my next blog a month ago but after we got back we immediately left for our second part of Chads tour and I want to blog about that too but alas almost a month has gone by and no blog yet. 

Short story: we went to Birmingham, AL stayed with one of my best friends Marley and her beautiful little family- we ate pizza and watched Chad play at the iconic NICK. Then we headed to Atlanta to stay with another one of my very best friends Dreebs and after 2 years of missed time we caught all the way back up. Visiting these friends filled my soul back up with happiness. I've met some fantastic people in my life and even though I haven't seen some of them in years we always pick right back up. I'm going to need more of that in my life... From all of you. 

After ATL we headed to Charelston, SC where I hoped I would run into Cameron from Bravos Southern Charm but that didn't happen. Instead Chad had one of the most fantastic gigs ever at Craft Conumdrum and if you live there or are in the area GO SUPPORT THEM! A billion beers on tap and lovely owners. I can't rave enough about them. 

That same night we got word our belongings were going to be delivered the next day to our new house back home. Panic and excitement hit leading us to wake up at 4am and beeline it back home. A ten hour car ride later with only two potty stops we were back and watching the movers unload. 

Then the epicness of moving in begin... Getting cable, utilities, bank accounts, appliances, furniture, etc. WHY DO I FORGET HOW MUCH WORK IT IS TO MOVE!? #neveragain 

That brings us to today. We are all moved in- mostly decorated- I'm still married and we are now knee deep in business building. More on that later but let me just say... I'm tired.

Thank God for wine. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

On the road

No, this isn't about the Jack Kerouac book but it is about our crazy cross country traveling adventure. I swear I have been trying to blog... dreaming about blogging really and I've had absolutely no chance to. So many trips have happened and I really wanted to document them in detail but it looks like I'm going to have to play catch up instead. I will be posting about Jamaica and the second leg of our tour/trip in separate posts but here is what has happened since California:

I know I have pictures but they are on my other phone/camera and I'm currently in South Carolina without them. In order to catch you up on what happened driving through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana I will mostly write... 

Arizona was easy - nothing of note happened and the only regret we have is not stopping to take a picture with one of the GIGANTIC cactus's. Oh wells. 

New Mexico was great because we got to have lunch one of my friends from college that I have not seen in over 5 years! We did manage to take one picture together in the snow (IT WAS SNOWING IN NM WTF) and we got to meet her husband! They just got married earlier this year -- congrats again you guys and it was SO GOOD getting to catch up Jenny! 

After lunch we made our way through El Paso, TX and all hell broke loose. Apparently, there was an ice storm in West Texas the night before and the temperature was still below freezing by the time we got there - then the Sun set and things just got worse. It wasn't snowing but there was ice all over the roads and people were wrecking all over the place. We were 150 miles from Fort Stockton (where we had booked a hotel for the night) and there is absolutely NO WHERE to pull over or stop on that stretch of I-10. I have never been so stressed out and scared in my life while driving. Traffic slowed to a mere 19 miles an hour and I witnessed two cars speed past us and then spin out of control and wreck. Thankfully my prayers were working and none of them hit us and caused us to wreck. Chad was driving his car behind me and we were talking constantly on our walkie-talkies but they eventually died. It was stressful. It added 4 extra hours onto our driving that day. It was horrible and when we finally got to our hotel we both got out of the car and just hugged and kissed each other and thanked God for getting us to our hotel safely. I'm so glad I booked our hotel a few days prior to this because every single room in town was FULL by the time we got there. We saw several people that had to go to local churches and schools for the night or even sleep in their cars - it was just awful but thankfully everything turned out fine for us. 

The next day we woke up and started the drive to Austin, TX. I'm going to post about Austin in a separate post since we stayed there 2 days but one fun thing that happened was getting to meet a long time blog friend Cely from RunningofftheReeses! I can't tell you how many times her blog has made me LOL and she is just as funny in real life. It was so good meeting you Cely!  

We stayed in a Austin 2 days and then we left to head to Lafayette, LA for one of Chads shows. We were SO CLOSE to Mississippi I was a little pissy we just couldn't go ahead and GET THERE ALREADY but we had to stop due to his show commitments and I spent the night feeling like crap in the worst hotel ever. Never stay at the Red Roof Inn there - It was just gross and to give you an example of WHY it was gross; as soon as, Olive ran in the room she went under the bed and came back out with a CONDOM WRAPPER in her mouth. Thank God it wasn't the condom but EWW! After that I checked all the sheets and pillows for anything else weird and after all was good I laid down to watch TV and then finally I fell asleep. Chad had his show and then got back late and the next day we got back to Mississippi! The final count was 3,600 MILES driven! It was a long 11 days and we were so happy to be back home. We got back into town and immediately drove to our new rent house and signed on the dotted line making it ours! We move in February 1st and our stuff should be delivered around that same time. It still keeps blowing me away how everything is lining up perfectly and I am just SO THANKFUL for that! 

The next few days were spent with family and Chad had a few gigs and then on January 10th we took my nephew Matthew to his first Comic Con in New Orleans! (what's another 300 miles driving...) It was a blast and deserves it's on post but here is what we looked like: 

We pulled out our Bomberman outfits from Halloween and Matthew was some Anime character that I still can't remember the name of... oops. #badaunt We ARE those people that dress up... I mean that's like 90% of the reason I love going! After that we headed to Jackson to spend some time with my family and I got to meet another one of my long time blog friends Cassie from Always a Blogsmaid

My beautiful Gran and I at our FAVORITE catfish house... it's a tradition we share and was one of the first things she wanted to do once we got back in town. Things like this are why I'm so happy we moved back... it's these little moments and memories that I've missed and I'm so happy to be able to spend time with all my family and friends whenever I want to again. I do miss you already Seattle but Mississippi is just HOME.

One night I was in town I met up with Cassie and we went to a yoga class together and then to Babalus for dinner! It was SO MUCH FUN. I can't believe I'm that friend now that everyone wants to go to workout classes with. My old self would have just wanted to do dinner and eat all the carbs I could find but now I get so excited to workout with my friends. Cassie and I grew up in neighboring towns and have always known about each other but I don't think we've ever officially met. Then I moved away and discovered she had a blog and then we fell in blog love and blogged happily ever after. #truestory She's fantastic and I can't wait to get to hang out more now that we are in the same area again! 

Once I got home I told my Mom and Gran all about my yoga class and they made me show them the moves while my Mom copied me and decided that she could do yoga too. I love it - my Mother and I have so much in common and I hope she was serious about wanting to go to class with me one day! I used to do yoga a lot before I started kickboxing and I've always missed it. I'm pumped to get back into the yoga grove again. 


Later that week we did some work at a few coffee shops because my Gran has no internet and our cell phone data plans are already tapped out for the month. It's been pretty amazing not having to go to work and instead work along side of my main squeeze. He goes and gets me water and does everything I tell him too #bestassistantever JUST KIDDING. He's been working his ass off booking gigs while we are starting our business and I'm just so proud of him. 

After a few days in Jackson it was time to take a vacation... off to JAMAICA we went! 

More to come on that in the next post...  

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Days 4-6 - Long Beach, CA / DISNEYLAND / San Diego, CA

I was uploading pictures from my phone for this post and realized that I had hardly any from Long Beach but then I remembered that we went to Disneyland while we stayed in Long Beach and that's why. Right now we are currently in Austin, TX and a lot has happened since my last post. Traveling across the country is exhausting. Below is a picture from Chads show at Pikes. My old boss Jessica, her boyfriend Tom, and best friend Beth came out to see the show and it was so much fun! The one thing I love about doing a long road trip in so many cities is getting to see all of my friends along the way. I don't know how or when it happened exactly but I feel like we've got friends in every major city now. Getting to see them has been priceless. I love you guys! 

The second day we were in Long Beach we went to Disneyland for my birthday! Chad and I have both been to Disneyworld but never Disneyland. It's been about ten years since either of us have been so we were extremely excited. It was by far one of the best birthdays I have ever had. We got there just have 9AM and stayed until well after 6PM. It was super busy but somehow we lucked out and the only SUPER long wait we had was for Space Mountain. That hour and half wait time turned out to be really fun as we met some girls in line that were playing a charades game on their Iphone and they let us join in. Just imagine three people yelling clues at each other while one person guesses. Remember these were strangers but after about twenty minuets I was ready to put them in my pocket and take them home with me. It was an absolute blast. After a little while we noticed other people around us in line playing the same game - I can't think of a better way to pass time waiting for rides but enough about that ... picture purge below:

I have no idea why I'm placing my hand like that on my chest. I started doing it recently and I don't even realize I'm doing it until I see these pictures after!

I couldn't stop smiling!

The Haunted Mansion was epic and all decked out in Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.

I wanted so badly to buy one of the ride pictures of us but everyone turned out terrible so we just took a picture of the picture. I have my mouth wide open in all of them... WHY do I look so excited/crazy?

And lastly... the food. We ate a gigantic churro, pizza, and this guy. It was all yummy yummy.

After the long and crazy Disney day we woke up the next morning to head to San Diego. The 31st is my actual birthday and I decided to try out a new hair style and to put on makeup. Gotta look cute right? Well, instead of going exploring and shopping like I originally planned we ended up at Firestone for Chads car. He just had to go and run over a nail and ruin my life. Just kidding - shit happens as they say and we safely got him to the store only to find out that all his tires were bald and we needed to get new ones. Four hours and several hundred dollars later HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. I tell you something always happens to make me cry on my birthday... BUT I refused to let it bring me down for long. I had one request/demand and that was to watch the sunset on the beach and the timing worked out perfect. We got his car back an hour before and we got to the beach with 15 mins to spare. After that we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and walked around the mall looking at all the purses I could have bought with that tire money.

Do we like the double buns? I'm loving it. 

We ended up spending New Years Eve cuddled up in the hotel room and I can't think of a better way to start off 2015. 

On the first we got back on the road to go to Tuscon, AZ. Nothing much of interest happened during that time but OH BUDDY was the next day eventful. 

Next time on the blog: Lunch with friends in New Mexico and almost dying in Texas.

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