Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've got Haute Hair.

First things first: I just love getting funny things on my FB. Especially when they are about my blog...

Yesterday was one of those days I have been needing for awhile...complete pamper/relaxation time.
I finally found a salon that I was going to give a try (a Paul Mitchell Focus salon because I just Love me some PM) Haute Philosophy Salon in downtown Kirkland. Let me just say that this is my new favorite place in Kirkland! I walked in the door and was greeted with a beautiful salon, the offer of cookies and espresso, and the nicest people I have ever encountered at a salon! Sometimes I've noticed that salons can be a little "stuck up" but not here I was immediately welcomed like family. I had some issues with finding a parking spot and as most know parking is hell downtown and I was a little worried my car might get towed because I parked it at Wing Dome. So, the first thing I asked the floor manager was about my car he immediately told me, "don't worry about it I will keep my eye out for parking in front of the store and if you're okay with it I'll go get your car and move it in about an hour so you won't get towed or ticketed." Seriously? That is amazing...who else provides that kind of service?! (About an hour later he did move my car for me and it was parked right in front of their front door when I was finished- Amazing!) To make a long story short I ended up meeting a girl that has just moved here from Mobile, AL (Hello, friend from the south!) and we talked about all the food we missed from the south, then the girl who did my hair is actually the owner of the shop with her husband being the floor manager (they just opened the salon 4 months ago), and then another girl that works at the salon that just moved up from Phoenix that has the prettiest tattoos I've ever seen! After 3.5 hours with all these ladies we all added each other on FB and I plan to keep in touch with all of them. It is so fun to go somewhere and meet new friends when you didn't even expect it! But back to the salon, if you are in the Seattle area you and are looking for somewhere to get your hair done GO to Haute Philosophy Salon! They are very affordable and extremely amazing! I say with happiness that I have found my new salon and CK will be going there as well. PS. Tell them Terri sent ya! 

I got black foiled into my hair and all on the underside to bring back my dark hair that I have been missing for over a year! I am soooo in love with it!

This is what Haley and CK got in their Inbox.

Now it's time to get serious.

I’ve been working out I swear even though I haven’t been talking about it on here.
 Mostly I am trying to get in 10 miles a week to meet my over 500 miles a year goal running. (Yes, this may be low and easy to some but it’s my starter goal that hopefully I can blow out of the water!) I’m pretty much on par with this goal right now and I have been getting to the gym 3-4 times a week. I’ve noticed though that since we have moved I haven’t been running as much and I have been more so on the Cross Ramp. I LOVE that machine but I think I push myself harder (and lose more weight) when I run so I am getting back to running/walking/jogging/crawling. I also have been wanting to do some other things to work on my core and become more well rounded in my workouts. I’ve been thinking for awhile now what works best for “me” and what motivates “me” and I think I have the answer or at least this is what I am going to try starting yesterday: 

1st  Week: 100 Crunches a day (whatever kind I want to do)
 2nd  Week:  50 Squats a day
3rd Week: 200 Pull the Wheat’s a day
4th  Week: 10 x 1 min Plank’s a day

Plus 45 Minutes of Cardio at least 4 times a week. ½ running ½ Cross Ramp You may be wondering WTH does all that mean Terri? Okay, let me explain… I want to do something “simple” or “excuse free” every single day that only takes around 10 mins. This means even if I’ve been vomiting I can still do it kinda things. I didn’t want them to take a super long time or be super difficult so that I couldn’t easily talk myself out of it. I was thinking, “what do I want to get rid of/work on the most body part wise” Stomach was the first thing then thighs come next. I’d really like to swear skinny jeans and not look like I just filled 2 sausage casings ya know!? So, after much thinking (10 mins or so) I came up with an Idea…. I shall do 100 crunches every day for the first 7 days, then the next 50 squats for 7 days, then 200 pull the wheat’s (basically where you bend from side to side working your love handles off!) for 7 days, then the last 7 days do (10) 1 min plank holds. This is 28 days straight…. I CAN DO THIS! I might even treat myself to a week break before starting back again if I like it. I’m not sure, I just really want to get through the first cycle and stick to it. Not included in these daily “small” activities will be at least 4 days in the gym doing 45mins of cardio at a time (and probably my arm exercises sometimes).
Like I said earlier I really want to get back to running so I am going to make myself do half and half between the cross ramp and treadmill. I did the mill Thursday night for 37 mins and I could feel it everywhere the next day …I want to keep messing with my body to feel that sore every day and I think with this 28 days I can maybe really accomplish something. I’ll try and post once a week on my workout habits throughout this process and yes, I know that you’re supposed to take rest days and not work out the same body parts multiple days in a row but I don’t care! I’m trying something out here people and Hopefully it works!  Also, I’ll be trying to do the same good eating habits such as smoothies for lunch, high protein and veggies for supper, and only whole grains. Staying away from Pizza and Chocolate is the hardest part! I’ve had a major sweet tooth lately and I’ve got to get it under control! I’ve been doing amazing in the controlling the pizza department. I “gave up” store/restaurant pizza for Lent. No, I’m not Catholic but it’s easier for me to do these things when I have a start and end date. The only exception to this is homemade pizza which is healthier and only on the weekends. So far so good, only 4 more weeks to go! Well, that’s what has been going on in my food/exercise world.  Any tips/advice/encouragement/hate you’d like to share please leave below!

But then this happened late last night and it is ALL CK's Fault!!!!
Luckily I swear to God HE ate 85% of this box.
All that was only $3 at Freddy late last night....damn you fresh baked goods.
(I did take that missing bite...oops)

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